Checkforms »

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Selecting a Checkform to Use »

Learn how you can select checkforms from your Aatrix Payroll program.

Aligning Paycheck Printing »

Learn how to align paychecks for printing.

Aligning Liability Check Printing »

Learn how to align Liability Checks for printing.

Adding a Company Name and Address to Paycheck Stubs »

Read on how to add your company name and address to paycheck stubs.

Adding Company Logo to Checks »

Read on how to add your company logo to your checks.

Selecting Checkform for Direct Deposit Employees »

Learn when and how to select a checkform for direct deposit employees.

Displaying SSN Numbers »

FAQ: How do I remove the Social Security Number, or, have it display only the last 4 digits?

Getting Back to the Payroll Program »

FAQ: I finished editing my checkforms and closed the window by clicking the button in the upper left corner, how do I get back to my payroll program?

Printing Paycheck Stubs in Quickbooks »

FAQ: My checks are 3 per page and I will print the checks from Quickbooks. How do I get a paycheck stub for my employees?

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