Printing and Reprinting

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Employee/Recipient Printing on Plain Paper »

Learn about IRS' paper requirements.

Reprinting W-2/1099 Copies »

Learn how to reprint W-2/1099 copies.

Reprinting Selected Employees / Recipients »

Learn how to reprint copies of selected employees / recipients.

Reprinting Records Copy »

Learn how to reprint Records Copies.

Printing Local W-2s »

Learn how to print Local W-2's.

W-2/1099 Paper Specifications »

Learn about the correct paper specification for each form copies.

Employee Copy W-2 Printing »

Learn how to print Employee Copies of W-2's and/or have them printed and mailed through Aatrix.

Different Address on Employee/Recipient Copy »

Learn about what USPS does regarding most current addresses.

Printing Employee/Recipient Notices »

Learn how employee/recipient notices are printed on the W-2, 1099, and 1095 Forms.

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