Printing Check Stub for Direct Deposit Employees

Last modified by Peytience S on 2023/10/31 21:33

The employees receiving Direct Deposit will have a check mark in the Direct Deposit column next to their name when selected for processing.

  • Click "Print/Record Selected Paychecks" in the bottom of the "Print Check Options" window.
  • Under the "Direct Deposit Employees Only" section, choose the checkform to be used. (For example, Direct Deposit - Top.)

Learn how to print a check stub for employees who opt to have direct deposits.

  • When printing the paychecks for your Direct Deposit employees, you can insert a blank piece of paper for their paycheck stub to print on.
  • Once printed, cut off the bottom paycheck stub to give to the employee showing the Current and Year to Date information.
  • The top portion could then be kept on file by the company.

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