Setting Up Payroll to Use Direct Deposit

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There are two (2) Main Steps in setting up your payroll program to use the Direct Deposit feature of the payroll program.

  • You will need to enter information for the employees and;
  • You will need to enter information for the company.

Step 1: Entering employee information for Direct Deposit:

  • In your payroll program, go to the "Employee Information" screen of the program.
  • Select an employee from the list for Direct Deposit.
  • In the "Pay" section on the right side, set the "Direct Deposit" dropdown menu to "Yes".
  • Enter the Bank Routing and Account Numbers in the appropriate boxes for the employee. Double-check them and click "OK", then click the "Save" button on the top tool bar.
  • Repeat the above steps for all employees for Direct Deposit. 

Learn how to set up payroll for direct deposits.

Now that you have the employee information for Direct Deposit entered, it is now time to set up the company information.

Step 2: Setting up the Company Information

  • Go to the "Company Information" screen of the program.
  • Click on "Direct Deposit" on the top tool bar.
  • Enter the Bank Routing and Account Number for the company.
  • If the bank does not want the Balancing Entry included in the file then check the box to "Do Not Include Balancing Entry".
  • Set the "Processing Window". This means how many business days (not including weekends and holidays) in advance the bank would need to receive the file to process for the pay date.
  • Enter any other information that was provided to you by the bank.
  • Click on the "Create Prenotification File".
    • The Prenotification File contains the bank information for the company and the employees only.

      It does not contain paycheck information. The bank will run the Prenotification File through their system and check for errors in the routing and account numbers for your employees and the company. Any errors would need to be corrected before any payroll information is submitted. 

Learn how to set up payroll for direct deposits.

To locate the Prenotification File for submission:

  • Open your hard drive and go into your "Documents" folder.
  • Go into the Aatrix Top Pay/Ultimate/Paycheck folder located there.
  • Go into the folder with your company name on it and into the "Employee Files ƒ" folder. 
  • Submit the ACH PreNote.txt to the bank.

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