Processing Payroll for Both Direct Deposit and Checks

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Question: What is the best way to process my payroll with a mix of employees receiving Direct Deposit and printed checks?

Answer: The easiest way to process payroll with a mix of employees receiving Direct Deposit and printed checks is first to create a list for each that you could use to process payroll with.

  • In your payroll program, go to the "Employee Information" screen.
  • From the dropdown menu above your employee list (It is probably set to Master List), scroll to the top and select "New Employee List".
  • Choose a name to use for the list of employees receiving Direct Deposit, such as "DD" Employees, and click "OK".
  • Go back to the dropdown menu and select the list you created.
  • Go back to the dropdown menu again and select "Add Employee To List" at the top of the menu. This will bring up a list of all employees not currently on the list selected.
  • Select an employee to add to the list for Direct Deposit employees and click "Add to List" and repeat to add the employees to the list. When finished, click "Done".
  • Go back to the dropdown menu above the listing of employees and select "New List".
  • Repeat the steps above to create a list of employees who receive actual checks.

When you process your payroll, you can choose the list to be processed first and then go back and process the second list.

If you post your payroll checks to Quickbooks:

  • After processing the checks for the first list of employees in Step 1, click on the "Skip Step" button in the remaining steps to reset the process.
  • Go back to "Pay Employees" and process the second list of employees.
  • After the checks for the second list have been processed, complete the remaining steps as if it were a normal payroll.

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