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Setting up your Payroll for eFile »

Learn how to set up your payroll for eFiling with Aatrix eFile.

eFile Charges »

Learn more about eFiling fees.

eFile Due Dates »

Learn more about eFile Due Dates.

Basic Steps for eFile »

Read our guide on how to start eFiling.

Creating an Electronic Signature for Federal Filings »

Learn how to create an Electronic Signature for Federal Forms that are eFiled as required by the IRS.

Lost/Forgotten Login Information »

Learn how to retrieve your login information.

Managing/Updating your eFile User Account »

Learn how to manage/update your account information on the Aatrix eFile Website.

Obtaining Login Information »

FAQ: The contact person is no longer with the company. How do we obtain the login information?

Checking eFiling Status »

FAQ: How do I check the status of a form that I have eFiled?

Inquiries on Forms »

FAQ: If I have questions on a form I eFiled, can I contact Aatrix eFile directly?

Editing Filings »

FAQ: Can I edit a filing already submitted?

Delete Filings »

FAQ: Can I delete filings?

Control Name »

FAQ: I am eFiling my 941 form there is a 94X Certificate box that pops up and wants my Control Name. What is my Control Name?

Correcting eFile Upload Error »

FAQ: What do I do when I get "Upload Error Non OK HTTP Response" ?

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