Processing Payroll »

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Pay Employees »

Learn the basics of processing the paychecks for your employees.

Reprinting a Paycheck »

Read on what to do when you need to reprint a paycheck.

Deleting a Paycheck »

Read on how to delete a paycheck.

Deleting Payroll for an Entire Payday »

Read on how to delete a payroll for an entire day.

Setting Employee Hours to "0" »

Learn how to change the default hours of an employee to "0".

Selecting Employees from "Pay Employees" »

FAQ: "When I click on Pay Employees I do not get the step to select my employees. How do I get back there?"

Taxes are not calculating »

FAQ: "My Tax Table subscription expired and have since renewed and entered the new code, but taxes are not calculating. How do I get them to calculate?"

Social Security and Medicare calculating negative amounts »

Learn how to fix calculations on Social Security and Medicare.

Non-tax Deduction change when processing a check »

FAQ: "Can I do a one time change of a non-tax deduction amount when I process the check?"

Making corrections on Pay History »

FAQ: "If I find a mistake on a paycheck after they have been processed can I just make the correction on the check in Pay History?"

Correcting "Error: -199" »

FAQ: How do I correct the error "-199" on an employee?

Paycheck Printing Order »

FAQ: "The paychecks are printing in reverse order. How do I get payroll to print the first person being paid first?"

Paychecks in the New Year »

FAQ: "I would like to process the first payroll for the New Year before the end of the current year. What do I need to do to have the paychecks properly reflected in the new year?"

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