Update Issues

Last modified by Derek K on 2024/02/07 22:29

When running the automatic update, if errors are encountered please have the company's internal IT department try and download the test files at https://www.aatrix.com/info/updates to narrow down what type of file is being blocked. If you are able to download all of the files on the above web page, but still cannot successfully run the automatic update. Please go to https://www.aatrix.com/info/updates/tech-info for information on how to troubleshoot your system.
Note: If you wish to download the manual update please submit a request to helpme@aatrix.com to see if the manual update released is the most current update. Please include an FEIN or AFID in the subject line of all emails submitted to Aatrix. The manual update may not be the most up-to-date update based on how many automatic updates are released.

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