Processing & Forms Introduction

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Taxable Unemployment Wages »

Read more about State Unemployment Reports, Taxes, and Rejections.

Incorrect Information on Forms »

Learn what is happening when incorrect information is populating on the form.

Account Number Formatting »

Read how to adjust Account Number Formats.

Finding the Form Selection Screen »

Read more about the Form Selection screen.

eFiling Cutoff Dates »

Learn about Aatrix eFile's Cutoff Dates.

Merging »

Read more about merging multiple filings and/or databases.

Difference in Form Revision Dates »

Read the explanation about Different Revision Dates.

Replacing / Resubmitting an eFiling »

Learn how to replace and resubmit an eFiling.

Supported Filing Formats through Aatrix »

Read about Aatrix Compliance to agencies.

eFile Form Validation »

Read more about Form Validations, Warnings, and Errors.

Social Security Number Information »

Read more about Form Validations, Warnings, and Errors.

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State and Local Specific

Read all about specific State and Local Forms.

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