Year-End »

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Year-End Checklist »

Learn more about the Year-End Checklist.

Preparing Payroll for the New Year »

Read about how you can prepare your payroll for the New Year.

Verifying New Tax Tables »

Read on how to verify tax tables if they have been installed.

Updating State Unemployment Rate »

Read on how you can update State Unemployment Rate for the new year.

Unemployment Rate Applied to Checks »

FAQ: I processed payroll in the new year before receiving my new Unemployment rate. How do I make sure the rate is applied to those checks?

Updating the Payroll Program »

FAQ: Do I need to have all of my Federal and State Reports done prior to updating my payroll program?

Paychecks and Reporting »

FAQ: If a pay period ends Dec 31st and the check date is Jan 2nd, is it a check for last year and reported as such?

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