Posting Liability Payments to Quickbooks

Last modified by Peytience S on 2023/10/31 14:46

To post liability payments to Quickbooks that have been recorded into the payroll program:

  • First make sure your Quickbooks program is open.
  • In your payroll program on the main "Payroll Navigator" screen click on "Quickbooks Links" in the bottom right to open the "Send/Post Payroll" window.
  • In the "Send/Post Payroll" window select "Liability Checks".
  • Set the "Date Recorded" to the date of the payment.
  • Click the "Send" button to post the payment to Quickbooks.
  • Once the payment has been posted click the "Done" button to close the "Send/Post Payroll" window.

Learn how to link and post liability payments to Quickbooks.

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