Setting up Paid Holidays and Assigning to Employees

Last modified by Peytience S on 2023/11/01 20:09

Question: How do I set up paid holidays and assign them to my employees?

Answer: Once you have the "Holiday" Income Item set up you can specify the paid holidays for your company. You will need to set the paid holidays up for the company and then assign them to your employees. 

  • Go to the "Aatrix" menu in the upper left corner of your monitor and select "Preferences" then click on the "Holidays" tab across the top.
  • Select any holidays from the list that are paid holidays for the company.
  • If there are additional paid holidays, for example the Friday after Thanksgiving is a paid holiday, then click on "Create Additional Paid Holidays". Enter a name and date and click "OK".
  • Click the "Auto Assign Holiday Hours" button.
    • This will automatically set your "Holiday Pay" Income Item up to recognize the paid holidays for your company. Click "OK".

Now that the paid holidays are set up in the program, they now need to be assigned to your employees. 

Assigning Paid Holidays to Employees:

  • From the "Main Payroll Navigator" screen, click on "Human Resources" and click on "Paid Time Off" in the next screen.
  • Select an employee from the list eligible for Holiday Pay.
  • Click on the box to "Include Holiday Time" and set the "Link To" dropdown menu to the "Holiday Pay" Income Item you set up.
  • Click "Save" on the top tool bar and repeat for employees as necessary.

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