Confirmation Emails

Last modified by Derek K on 2024/02/07 22:29

Once the eFile Center has received the filing, an email confirmation will be sent out to the email address on file. An Aatrix Filing Identification number (AFID) will be assigned to each of the filings once they have been submitted.
After you receive this email confirmation, periodically check the status of the filing (, especially near the agency's due date. This confirmation email is also confirmation that the filing has been received by the eFile Center.
This will be the only confirmation email that you receive. We do not send one when we submit to the agency and we do not send one once the filing is accepted.
The eFile Center will, however, send an email if there is any problem with the filing for any reason. The eFile Center cannot verify any of the information on the forms. We trust that our users are verifying their forms before submission. If there is an issue, for any reason, the eFile Center will be informed from the agency upon uploading. In return, we will then let you know of the issues the agency has with the filing through email.

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