Entering New Employees

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To enter a newly hired employee into your payroll program, from the main Payroll Navigator screen, click on "Employee Information" located on the far left side of the middle row of selections.

Learn how to enter new employees into Aatrix Top Pay.

  • Click on the "New Empl." button on the top tool bar on the far left side.
  • In the Employee Information section, enter the Name, Address, and SSN at a minimum to ensure proper reporting on Federal and State forms for payroll.
  • In the Pay Section, select the Pay Period frequency from the drop down menu. Select whether the employee is paid Hourly or Salary. Enter the hourly/salary amount in the upper box and then click the Tab key on your keyboard.
  • In the Taxes section for the Federal, State (if required), and Local (if required), select the proper Filing Status for each. Enter the Number of Claims, the number of dependents that the employee is claiming.
  • If the employee wishes for an Extra Withholding amount to be withheld above what the program calculates for the withholding, then enter the extra amount in the box. The withholding taxes for the employee will calculate plus the amount entered.
  • Once the information has been entered, click on the "Save" button on the top tool bar to have the employee added into the program.

Learn how to enter new employees into Aatrix Top Pay.

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